Here's what our patients are saying...

 "The care and treatment I received for my back injury was miracously effective in that I was back to my normal state in just a couple of weeks".
"I appreciated the friendly, caring, and professional atmosphere in your office. The hard work, concern and patience you extended to me was instrumental in making me pain free again! Whenever my family or I have an opportunity we always recommend Active Chiropractic & Physical Therapy."

--- MC

"Active Chiropractic & Physical Therapy has greatly improved my quality of life through well-planned and supervised exercise. My balance, my strength and my sense of well-being are all much better. Most important, for me strengthening my "core" has greatly lessened my chronic neck pain. Kay & Dr. Miller have continually observed and helped me with the long-term goal of reduced pain and it has worked! A wonderful benefit has been the toning of my muscles and a much better body."

--- AP
I am so grateful to have found Jim and Kay Miller. They took the time to thoroughly examine me and then give customize stretches, exercises and perform adjustments for my specific shoulder injury. After 5 years of no relief and worsening pain, I'm actually improving! Jim also made me a believer in chiropractors again after a bad previous experience!"

-- JM

"Active Pediatric Physical Therapy has a very warm office, with caring and helpful staff that always greet you with a smile. They take care of their patients and families with kindness and respect. You always feel welcome.

Our 2 year old daughter has neurological issues, and as a result, hypotonia. Our daughter was not doing any physical activities at all when we started with Active Pediatric Physical Therapy in May of 2011. As one of our daughter’s health team members, Kay has helped her go from a child who did nothing but lay on her back, to one that is now sitting herself up and on her way to walking. We greatly appreciate Kay and the staff at Active Pediatric Physical Therapy for all that they do for our child.

Our family, and the city of Tracy, is very fortunate to have Kay and staff here to help with the physical therapy needs of children who require short-term and long-term help. I highly recommend this team to any parent whose child is in need of physical therapy."

-- SC